Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Stardoll have either not used their imaginaten,
or they have gone MAD. They have already brought
these outfits out before, however, they were MUCH
Oh, and they have also brought out the 'You rock my
boat' top. Gah.

Friday, 29 May 2009


The REAL meaniness of girls on stardoll.
The only thing I said is that she was a
scammer because she scammed a girl outta
a DKNY knit tweed set, well I am gonna
be keeping THiS image safe to show to
everyone ;]

(Click to enlarge and see the real thing up close)

Thursday, 28 May 2009

This outfit is ALL NON-SUPERSTAR FREINDLY & only $17!

Stardoll Necklase $1
Girls Fallen Angel tube $4
Pretty in pink multi layer skirt $5
Biscu Belt $3
Heeled Platforms $4

Tuesday, 26 May 2009


New updates to the blog are coming soon [:

Monday, 25 May 2009

Stardoll Sale.

Stardoll- At last, decsided to bring out a half decent sale
for superstars to enjoy. Although, the items do vary so,
sadly, not EVERYTHiNG in the shops are at sale prices.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Pretty Medolls(Adding)

SCARLETTGRACE; I always love her medolls, they are always original (Click to enlarge)
Fiona- Her medolls are always butiful and great. (Click to enlarge)

QueenGemma- She is brave and isn't afraid to try or wear anything (Click to enlarge)

Sportzgal00- I LOVE her style, she always looks fab! (Click to enlarge)

Aoaoao- I am always blown away by her style, she always has, and always will have a great me-doll [: (Click to enlarge)

Stardoll News..LMFAO

I just had to post this, I mean, WTF. Yes dear, you fiannaly realised, you are attention seeking hugely. I mean, look at all the attention she has got. I think this could turn into an argument, ohhhh I am excited LMFAO.

Okay, so I logged on, and, all of the sudden I saw the `tiiiiiinkerbell must die campain` I mean WTF, How lowlife would you have to me to make that? Haha, she probaly wants LOTS of attention. Well falloutboy, your getting that, however, not in the right way... LMFAO.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Styled Outfits (:

This is the non- superstar styled outfit for today, this out
fit only cost $18! This outfit consistes of:
Leona Boots- $4
Rainbow Print T-shirt-$5
Belt- $1
Heidi Clum Scarf- $3
Jessica Pants- $5.

This is todays superstar styled outfit ^. This outfit equals

up to a whopping 76 Stardollars, the items that were incl

uded are these:

Hair Colour- Chestnut $6

Black Fluid Liner- $3

Volumizing Mascara- $2

Lenthning Mascra- $3

Fake eyelashes x5- $15

Diamond Earrings- $5

Beauty Mark- $1

Rose Blush- $8

Stretch Jeans- $5

Retro Flats- $4

Save the planet top- $7

Hilary Cardi- $9

Stardoll Bangles- $3

Stardoll Necklase- $1.

It's Hankitty123...

Hey, it's hankitty123 here. As I fiannaly work out how to take screenshots and upload them to tinypic (Yes, it took a while) I decided to make a blog. So Yeah, Basically, it's all about Stardoll & Stuff. So Yeah...